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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  August 10, 2018 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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legal and that includes argentina senators debated long and hard last night on a bill that would have made abortion legal in the home country of pope francis it didn't happen but it almost did and tonight that may be the real story i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. the photos we want to tell the whole world argentina is not in favor of abortion the more i. hear you over there in the senate you'll find the people responsible for all the women who died because of illegal abortions than madras. we're very happy now because this is not that would allow selectively discarding people was rejected.
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i feel joy for my god in heaven i know he wouldn't allow this because he is the one who gives lines and he is the one who takes it away that's why. we presented have done more than ten years ago that it will take years to truly achieve legal abortion safe and free we're not giving up on that we have a lot of patients. that. also coming up tonight at least twenty nine children in yemen died today in a saudi led air strikes those who survived say the school bus loaded with kids was the rockets intended target. the strike happened in the middle of the market and it targeted a bus carrying children. shops were open and shop as well walking around as usual. all of those who died were residents children and shop owners. we begin the day with argentina's decision to keep the status quo when it comes to
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abortion early this morning argentina's senate narrowly rejected a bill that would have legalized abortion up to the fourteenth week of pregnancy but the fact that abortion was up for debate at all and the fact that the bill was defeated by a small margin that indicates that society is changing and groups who supported changing of all say they will try again to get abortion decriminalized now this is a major story in argentina because across most very catholic south america abortion remains illegal and because argentina is the home of pope francis more on the pontiff's role here in just a moment we begin with this report. the marathon session in the argentinean senate ended shortly before three am as the news broke opponents of the bill erupted in celebration abortion remains essentially illegal yet we came from the country and we're here to protect the rights of the unborn child i thank god and the senate has
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. already. priced at the decision thousands of pro-choice demonstrators had gathered outside the senate building and the cold and rain the majority of them came here to protest that abortions must be regulated they find any alternative just too unbearable. that i have both there in the senate they're the ones responsible for all those women who have died during an illegal abortion they are murderers. a slim majority of argentinian senators eventually rejected the bill that would have legalized abortion. the decision came up to heavy pressure from the audience and in catholic church which lobbied hard against the bill. now with the recent polls suggest that most times back legalizing abortion the votes left many frustrated and disappointed leading to violent protests in some areas. are they i'm joined now by lou hey she is
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a journalist in one of. the gee it's good to have you on the show i want you maybe to tell us a little bit about what has been the reaction there in the country now that we know that the senate voted not to decriminalize abortion. yes it's been a very emotional last few hours in argentina as you could see and they missed was the word was out at three am there were hundreds and thousands of people still on the streets waiting for the final decision on the blue side of the alley which is the pro-life side there was a lot of ecstasy there was a lot of happiness there were cement fireworks being thrown out but on the other side on the green side which is the pro-abortion side. it was there was a lot of sadness even though it was widely expected that it wasn't going to last. the situation that's where a young minister was very emotional people were crying and of course this emotion turned into some kind of violence from very small groups that were throwing stones
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and bottles to policemen. reacted with tear gas but again this is a very small minority of the thousands of people that came out on the streets it's calculated that out of around one million people actually were out on both sides of the aisle and overall he was very peaceful and their reaction has been of disappointment by going to the core of what and so i thought it was so this is one that was also expected to happen you know we have to remind ourselves it is winter in south america in argentina it was very cold last night and there were still thousands of people out on the streets protesting for or against this law but we're wondering tonight what about the implications for the women who do get abortions there were almost four hundred thousand illegal abortions conducted in argentina last year what does this vote last night what does it mean for women moving forward . i mean it means that the women that are choosing to undergo this abortions
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in the same conditions and in the legal conditions are unfortunately still going to have to undergo this procedure is through in this situations every year again it's almost half a million women that undergo an abortion even though it's illegal even though it's penalize morman goal up to four years in jail for having an abortion. and these women one have a choice but to continue doing it this way it's very interesting because abortion is also in argentina a class issue it's widely known that in private hospitals the procedure is all served. by a people have to pay a high fee but in the middle class and the upper class are able to afford that whereas it is the poor women that they start to undergo an abortion that are usually the ones that then suffer the health consequences of doing it in that kind
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of staying clinic that it's not safe for them so what do we do from here we understand that the grassroots organizations that want to decriminalize abortion they have veld to bring up another bill sooner rather than later and again force the parliament to vote i mean is that we're headed for another divisive moment. probably yes so this specific field won't be able to be debated again until the next legislative week ear which is in march of twenty nineteen but next week actually the national government was planning to to push forward every form of the pen of the criminal penalty code and in it in one of the five hundred reforms that are included in that is a reform of the criminalization of abortion so basically this reform would say that woman quander the abortion shouldn't be penalized that this shouldn't be put into
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jail but it still keeps abortion illegal so what from here on we just have to see what happens next week the women that are pushing for abortion are also overall very optimistic because so far even the fact that the bill was debated that there was so much discussion about it that the vote was fairly close ok it's a very big step forward compared what to what we had before you see the reporting tonight from what is hard to see you thank you very much. and i'm joined here at the table now by our ethics and religion correspondent martin gak mortons good to see you again is it accurate to say that the senate vote the deciding factor last night was the pressure that came from the catholic church no i don't think that is all true so i don't think that i mean most certainly there were a bunch of religious groups that were lining up in the no vote that got the church certainly flex muscle but so did evan jellicoe are going to say sions that were
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actually very strong the issue however is that the informal channels of power that mostly sort of define the argentine political landscape are really quite divided between very conservative provinces to the north and more or less progressive bronzes to the south and the fact is that if one looks at the map the way that people voted it was really the north where the majority was no and it was really the south where the majority was yes it's interesting to take into consideration that you know there were women on the left that voted against the bill this would be unthinkable in the normal abortion debate i mean radical radical party and there were people actually on the right in this government who actually went ahead and supported the bill well if you look at the map that if we're talking about the degree of religiosity in the north being high and it easing than it's relatively low in the south does that help explain well i think that it's really just city but
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it's also just sheer conservatism in some sense these are provinces that are much more insular where the communities are much farther where the communities have themselves from build for much longer i mean these are very old very old you know funnily base communities and so one thing that is quite remarkably said many of these broken circles of brahmins is where the state is bought and clearly ups and so that goes to say you do not find the infrastructure necessary education sexily good stations or indeed i mean that he's one of the places where people go but very . and there is really just nowhere to go quite honestly and that means that it is in those places where you will find most of these cases are a lot of these cases of women who end up you know in very very precarious situations trying to sort out what to do and what to do not you know commit a crime two months ago pope francis did now abortion calling it and i'm quoting here a white glove to the eugenics program of the nazis was was that the pope openly
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campaigning for the anti-abortion i mean there is they have made up saluting you know bones that's your where they stand i think that what one has to keep in mind nonetheless is that in some sense disick special reflects the thirty broad consensus as to how abortion is framed and so i've been saying this over the last couple of days i mean i think that by and large we had been thinking about abortion in the american frame of the problem which is so woman has a certain right to her body and then there is this and silly thing that she has decided on the position that by and large would take i mean and this applies also to the south a few up to a large degree in not only countries by and large is that as a matter of fact we have two competing individuals now what we particularly made thing about were the fetus is an individual or not absolutely relevant in the social conception there is actually already an individual or social entity of some
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sort and this means that you know if you are involved in this is question you need to figure out a way to make this to set a fright somebody yeah i mean that i think is an excellent way of describing it and framing it. but the fact remains that to criminalizing abortion was to be debated for a long time last night and it was not defeated by a huge margin and. we've heard the grassroots organizations say that when the next legislative period comes up they're going to put that bill up again do you think all of this all of this tell us that society in argentina is changing and will the next vote in front of the senate maybe in a year or two will it make abortion lee well i think that it's a perfectly good picture of where things stand i think that very often what we see these politicians would have very lazy approach to policy issues and then society comes in and says you know what gay rights are fine transsexual rights are fine
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abortion is fine etc you know contraception is fine i mean usually sexual morality is a very good place to look at the indicators and then ten years later but all it takes in this sort of slow rolling think comes along and says i oh ok let's actually see if we can do that now i think the fact is that we have in argentina now a conservative party or a center right party that has actually gone along permitted to debate and essentially a president that standing very close to the church has said that he would not actually stop or veto disparate this project if it were actually to go through the senate and this is an enormous enormous each area is anything that's actually very good news i mean in many senses very good you know. our ethics and religion correspondent martin jack martin as always we appreciate your insights into this it helps a lot thank you pusher. well
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tonight the red cross says it fifty people most of them children under the age of fifteen have been killed in an airstrike that hit a bus in northern yemen the children were traveling through a crowded market in rebel held so the problem is it's thought they were on their way to summer school because saudi led coalition that wants the attack said they were targeting hooty rebel positions and that it was a quote legitimate military action but the coalition is facing condemnation for these latest civilian deaths. and for more on this air strike i'm joined now by you know steinberg he's a middle east analyst from the german institute for international affairs and security affairs good was it's good to see you again these are dramatic pictures the story is dramatic survivor saying that the rockets intended target was the bus that was filled with school children i mean are these children paying the price of a proxy war yes they are and it's not the first time that the saudis have hit
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civilian targets in recent months and years they have funerals markets and now a school bus it's nothing it's nothing new i believe the saudis that they wanted to hit rebel positions but i don't don't really understand why they had to school bus in a in a market area ok let me explain that i mean we can't fathom that they would actually target a bus knowing that children are on board so what are we talking about bad equipment or you know in inept people who were operating the targeting devices i mean what looked to be behind it i believe it's it's in that people. doing the targeting might be inept pilots the saudis have no no experience in waltham the last war. was in one hundred thirty four in yemen it's the first war that they are fighting for for decades for for nearly three generations and it is quite obvious that even the force that is still working is not really up to this to this
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job and that that is why we have seen so many civilian casualties is especially in recent months and part of the reason is that most military targets now better better hated than in the past i mean are we talking about a war crime here if you know if it's alleged that civilian targets children were targeted and is it going to make a difference i mean are there any consequences no there won't be any consequence. as why because saudi arabia is a relatively important country and it has got next to unconditional support by the trump an administration we have seen that in recent days in their conflict with with canada this strike bonet have any consequences and i personally do not believe that it's a what was because i do not believe that the saudi government its military. and the
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pilots wanted to hit children the militarization of this proxy war through that huge arms sale from the us to salty last year what impact is that having on this proxy war are we seeing it right now the fact that these types of accidents can happen even with more like this happen. it's very modern very lethal equipment american equipment that is used by non american pilots that's part of the reason why we see with the recipe for disaster that it is a recipe for disaster and saudi arabia. might be an important ally but still what i do what i don't don't really understand is why the united states is supporting this country unconditionally the united states would have the opportunity to end this war within one or two weeks by giving up maintenance supplies targeting they help with the targeting i hope they didn't have
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a hand in this action and even with aerial refueling and all these these kinds of things the saudis are not able to lead this war without the americans and that is why the american government is partly responsible for what is happening there right you know steinberg with germany to do for international insecurities fears you know as always we appreciate your analysis and your insights thank you. well the future of the u.s. military is in outer space and there is no way around that that was the message today from u.s. vice president mike pence at a meeting with leaders from all branches of the armed forces spence said that president trump wants a new branch to be established with the name space force and on twitter the vice president tweeted this gif announcing the first step towards establishing the department of space force which would be the u.s. military six branch plans also include the creation of an elite space operations
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force and a space development agency here is part of what pence told the secretary of defense and other top military brass today at the pentagon the space environment is fundamentally changing the last generation what was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and at the serial today other nations are seeking to disrupt our space based systems and challenge american supremacy in space as never before america will always seek peace in space as on the earth but history proves that peace only comes through strength in the realm of outer space the united states space force will be that strength in the years ahead. as president trump has said in his words it is not enough to merely have an american presence in space. we must have american dominance in space and so we really.
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well it is important to note that the international community agreed decades ago that albert space is no place for the military in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the us signed what is known as the outer space treaty which prohibits weapons of mass destruction in outer space and limits the use of the moon and other planets to peaceful purposes only well that makes one of my pins is tweets from earlier today disconcerting to say the least the vice president tweeted that the president trump is committed to preparing for the next battlefield where america's best and bravest will be called to deter and defeat a new generation of threats to our people and our nation the time has come to establish the united states space force. or the family separation crisis at the us mexico border it was supposed to end last
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month when a federal judge ordered the trumpet as ration to reunite all families of a deadline to reunite was july twenty sixth a majority of the two thousand families have been reunited but some remain apart and this story it got the attention of an unlikely group grannies respond to a group of grandmothers are upset and they're doing something about it last week a grandmothers from across the u.s. are set out on the weeklong care of enduring traveling from all over the country down to macallan texas where one of the largest immigration facilities of the in the country is located now along the way they stopped at various ice or these are immigration authorities facilities where they held rallies and comforted detained children yesterday they reached their final destination the u.s. mexican border which they marked for the twenty four hour protest. we called up with one of these grannies were for you jones who told us what inspired her to take the journey take a listen children can't even sleep at night without seeing their mother or their
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father and here we are taking them into a strange place which change people not knowing the language and certainly not knowing anyone except the people that they are with and to separate them is just a bad ugly history raising its head again there have been people in my ancestry who were separated from their children and i could not do anything about that then but now i have an opportunity and if i don't speak up now when what i do it shame on me and that was grandmother a few jones there speaking with us early on how important is family we just ask claudine veto she was born shortly after her parents arrived here in germany as asylum seekers now they supported called being in her pursuit of athletics and after a successful junior career in discus she is now germany's hope in discus at the
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european championships. claudine has medals and has sights she's already thrown have a personal best this year sixty five point one five meters and now she heads into the final of the european athletics championships in badly in the ranks seconds this is how moment. i was in the stands at the two thousand and nine well championships in berlin as a fan now i can hardly wait to experience it all down on the field as an athlete. in succeeding. rita was born in one thousand nine hundred six in frankfurt oda near the polish border parents fled there from angola and spent many years in a home for asylum seekers they weren't easy times for the family but sports helped claudine to find her way in life and overcome plenty of obstacles including racial discrimination. doesn't matter what skin color you have as long as you
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stay true to your roots and your country so i'm so happy that i can represent jam he championships. claudine v.t. was already a force to be reckoned with youth level she grabbed gold at the under twenty and junior european championships and that's despite her rivals towering over one meta seventy nine feet is a good ten centimeters shorter than the competition in the discus circle. and. i may be smaller than the others but i have very long arms which gives me a wider radius when i throw. my belief this morning you are the more nimble you are in the circle. and her coach asked that combine those former olympic gold medal winner in shot put make the perfect duo ahead of the competition they're using every opportunity to make minor improvements maybe that'll be enough to help claudine v.t. bring home a european championship medal. and the european championships are under way we
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understand that claudine will compete on this coming saturday we certainly wish her all the best are the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the w. news or you can write directly to me of bring the t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day you'll see that everybody.
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she loved because so. and then she left and of course was. she became famous as the woman in the shadow of a genius but she found her way as an artist a strong woman with an eventful life we visited her in her new york studio the for. next.
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week offline. we take football personally. the club is not. it's a family. it's where you feel at home where you rally together in times of. peace comes. down. to sixty minutes on d w. three up today don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. his creations. his brand mistake of karl lagerfeld icon of the fashion. look what do
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we really know about the man behind the torch. what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer is going to sound smart and. start september. w. . come to your max fashion make you happy and that's one of the questions we're answering on our show today but let's first have a quick look at what else is coming up. a remarkable woman french artist was you know has published a new book with travel sketches.

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